Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mini Honeymoon Day 2

So, it's been two days since Ju Ju and Soapy left for NJ. The house is all quiet and I expect to hear them crying for me late at night or their voices in the afternoon, but I don't. It's just weird feeling for not having them around for such a long period of time.

The night they arrived in NJ, they called us to say good night and to tell us that they miss their daddy and mommy. They promised they'll call tomorrow (Wednesday). Well, they didn't!

Me and JT were staring at both of our cell phones and house phone past 7pm. JT said, "Okay, I can't take it, I'm gonna call them now.." and tried to call his mom on her cell. "JT, if the girls miss us, they'll call us. Let's wait for them to call.." I said. I cooked Prime Rib with corn and broccoli and baked potato for dinner. It was very nice because we went to buy the steak together and shopped around at the Fresh Market just two of us which we hadn't shopped like that in a long time. We usually busy telling our girls to stay in the cart or stay by us and rushing ourselves to get out the supermarket.

Anyway, after we ate dinner, still no phone calls from NJ. Now, it's me telling JT to call. He called, no answer. We called again after 20 minutes. No answer nor phone call...

We were shocked! Our girls don't miss us..... :( Mommy and daddy are heartbroken.

I guess, the girls are having way too much fun, fun enough to forget to call their mama and daddy. Believe me, I know it is a great thing - we're happy for them. But we want to hear their voice. Girls, please call mommy and daddy!

Also, JT is looking into a hotel in town for us to stay when he has a few days off next week. Apparently it was a little surprised, but I saw him on the computer doing stuff and saw him checking out some nice places.... I am very excited!!!!

The thing is, JT and I have been enjoying our time together a lot more than we have anticipated. We do miss our girls terribly, especially at night, but I must admit I do enjoy time alone with my husband. I was already pregnant with Ju Ju when I married JT, so we never had been alone since our wedding. Granted, we dated two years before getting married, but we're always JT, Maki & Ju Ju, then we added Soapy after three years of marriage.

I think JT and I are discovering each other again - we laugh more and we cuddle more. We are back as a young couple who love to spend time together. Having children do change priority in our lives. We're always busy trying to raise two little adults. I love them to death and my life is not complete without them, but I think JT and I missed many things that are important in our relationship which is to be a husband and a wife, not just daddy and mommy.

One of the things is that I go to bed with JT, only to be awaken by our daughters early in the wee hours, asking me to sleep with them because they're scared. I drag my heavy body and walk them to their room. The right thing to do would be to put them back to bed and head back to our bedroom. But, I get so tired that I end up sleeping in their room, either with Ju Ju or Soapy. I knew we needed to break this bad habit of ours, but I had a very tough time. Ju Ju told me, "Mommy, I'm going to practice to sleep alone when I go to NJ. Are you happy, you can sleep with daddy now!" So, for the past two nights I'm sleeping in bed with JT through out the night - morning, waking up next to him. It's a wonderful feeling. I'm truly enjoying our time together. I'm grateful for JT's mom taking our daughters to the longest summer trip in NJ - I think this will be great for all of us...

Also, I'm so fortunate to have my grandfather who taught me so much while growing up. He's no longer alive, but him surviving that fateful morning 64 yars ago, has shaped who I am. I believe two things so strongly because of him; Love and Peace....

If you're new to my blog and if you missed last year's post, you can read ithere... I miss you, Ojichan, so very much.

Have a great day, everyone!




Dionne said...

Maki, I am so happy that you and JT are having this alone time. It's sooo good that you have this time to reconnect and discover each other again. And how sweet that JT is making hotel plans for you guys. That should be lovely!

I am sure the girls will call soon. Just give it a few days and then the homesickness will kick in.

kendrasue said...

I'm glad that you are able to have some alone time and getting to know JT again! I miss the days that it was just Leo and I but I wouldn't change it for anything! Take advantage because in a few days your life will return to "normal"! :)

freeteyme said...

So happy for you girl! Enjoy your alone time - before the girls get bored and start calling you =)

Anonymous said...

cool blog, looks like i've got some back-reading to do

Maki said...

Dionne: I'm so glad that me and JT are enjoying this alone time together. I miss the girls A LOT, but I think this is great thing for all of us..

kendrasue: Yes, I am totally taking advantage of it - I'm recharging for their return:)

freeteyme: LOL. I know! Actually they called me last night - Oh my god, they sounded so grown up... thanks honey;)

the etenal list: Thank you - I hope you enjoy it:)

Nicole Marie said...

oh maki i know they miss you so much! i bet they'll come back so happy and appreciative of you and JT!

I'm so happy you and JT are getting to spend this time together!

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