Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mommy's One Fine Day

Today was my day off. I had lunch with my friend and it was so nice to be with someone I can totally be myself because all I do at my work is to be friendly and put a huge smile on my face to greet customers. It's not always easy.

Then after lunch, I picked my daughters up at friend's house and took the girls to Dunkin Donuts. They got munchkins - They love that stuff. And I got myself an Iced Latte. Let me tell you, their coffee is not bad at all. Acutally I always enjoy their Iced Latte. It definitely tastes different from Starbucks Iced Latte which I truly love, but I sometimes feel Dunkin's latte is smoother.


The weather was so nice today that I opened all the windows as soon as we got home. And before you know it, I laid on the couch watching the girls play. It was around 4:15pm as we watched Giada's Everday Italian on FoodNetwork, (my daughters adore Giada and we always watch her show together) I started to get really, really sleepy. I was fighting not to fall asleep, but I was losing it. So I asked the girls to bring mommy their blankets - they thought that I was playing.

Me: Okay girls, mommy is getting really sleeeeeppppyyyyy~~

Ju Ju & Soapy: Mommy, we brought our blankets... there yu go (and they put two warm blakets over my body)

Me: Let me take a nap for 10 mins. Just 10 mins - that's all I need!

So I close my eyes and almost drifting away, but not fully because I feel really bad about taking a nap while girls are playing. Now I hear them whispering and talking to Giada and to each other.

Ju Ju: Wow.. that looks so yummy - I want mommy to make it for dinner. Giada is a great cook, but mommy is the bestest cook. (she is so sweet)

Soap: Yeah..

Ju Ju: Is mama sleeping?

Soap: I dunno - let me seeee.. (She climb on top of me and gives me kiss twice on my lips)

Ju Ju: She is really tired.

Soap: uh huh

My little girls's conversations were too cute to listen ( even though I was 1/2 awake and 1/2 asleep).

Now, I probablly closed my eyes and slept for 10 minutes, but I was totally recharged. Power nap is so great. I just want to thank my girls who had let their mommy sleep even just for 10 minutes without trying to wake me up. Thanks girls - it was my perfect day off.


Bambola said...

If I get blessed with daughters even half as gorgeous as your two, I would consider myself VERY lucky.

It sounds like you had a wonderful day off!

Bambola x

LadyStyx said...

too cute

Jenn(ifer) said...

These little moments are what it is all about!

Every bit of it. :-)

Dionne said...

I love Giada too! I always wanted to go to Greece, but after seeing her special on the food there, it solidified things and we went!

Your girls are so precious. How adorable children's innocent conversations are. Especially when they don't know you are listening.

And power naps are the best!

michelle said...

so cute....great day off!!!


Bayjb said...

OMG that is so adorable! Your girls are too cute. Sounds like a great day off :)

The Blonde Duck said...

Cat naps are the best!

Franco said...

awww, your girls are adorable.
I wish i could meet them.
say hi them, tell them franco sends them magic.

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